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The world of consumption is an addictive one — an inescapable truth that burns through the hard (and rapidly hardening) exterior straight into the still fragile (and getting frailer) interior. The wine advertised on Times Square finds its way not only into your belly but also your soul — suddenly you’re not good enough. Not smart enough, pretty enough, rich enough. You need more to satisfy the feeling of inadequacy that has become just so goddamn routine to your life. The inescapable trap traps you all the while tricking you into feeling like you’re the one in control. Because…aren’t you?

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Content is king.

A lot of us on Medium are either professional or aspiring writers. We’ve heard the line written above many times before. Social media gurus say it all the time. I’ve read a ton of articles myself on Medium where I hear people talking about consistency. Do I agree? Yes. But…

Here is the thing: consistency does not mean you’ve got to churn out 10,000 words of content a day. Or even 5000. You don’t need to have to constantly be thinking about what to publish.

Or write another article (of the thousand already published that day on…


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When Bob Iger — Time’s business person of the year 2019 — stepped up as Disney’s CEO in 2005, he found the company in disarray. Disney had been facing troubles since the late 1990s — a period marked by the company releasing a series of unremarkable pictures that couldn’t compare to the likes of its newer competitors, such as Pixar.

Iger, who started his career at ABC (later acquired by Disney) in 1974 for $150 a week, has been credited with pretty much saving Disney in his 15-year tenure as the company’s CEO. …


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I like to go for grocery runs at weird times — just to you know, beat the rush on the roads and long lines at the cash counter. It was a sunny day in the city of Pune, India. The month was April, and the year, 2019. I’d decided to stock up on some tofu, frozen peas, and overpriced almond milk between classes. Because why not, right?

The walk back home was short but I was soaking in every bit of the sun I could — it wasn’t harsh. Just warm and glowy against my skin.

I was almost home…


If I can be vegan in Asturias, Spain then anyone can be vegan — anywhere in the world.

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Vegetarian beginnings

I went vegetarian at the age of nine. Something in my brain didn’t add up — I just couldn’t fathom how one could eat one animal while going to the moon and back for another. Much of my family was dismayed by my decision-including my two uncles, who were very vocal about how “eating meat is natural” and “it’s just what humans do.”

That’s the thing about food. It’s so darn personal. …


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Even though any dictionary would define being an adult as 18+, I beg to differ. Adulthood is not based on a number. It’s a state of mind. Specifically, one that forms with independence — financial, emotional, and otherwise.

While I can’t speak for everybody, one thing I know for sure is the huge amount of stress I felt after finishing university. I had spent 4 years of my life writing assignments, smoking weed, and listening to Chet Faker, Baker, and everything in between. I majored in Political Science and Public Policy from an elite university in India. …

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We live in a world where opportunities are endless. Whether this infinite range feels like a challenge to fulfill one’s wildest dreams or the beginning of a fall into a bottomless pit is highly subjective.

It can also vary from hour-to-hour. I, for one, have woken up to be greeted by the mellow chirping of birds and the sun streaming into my room at just the right angle to make me feel like a goddess. I have stepped out of the bed with a smile and said to myself “what a beautiful day to be alive.” …

No mysteries. No introductory para. Simple advice: trust yourself.

During this quarantine, I’ve spent much of my time trying to “perfect” myself. Letting this idea of needing to be more — invented by who? — stuck in my head rule my life. I decided to go on a resume perfecting spree.

Raking up a pretty long and lengthy list of things to do and skills to accumulate, without doing myself the curtsy of asking — how is this going to impact me? Does this fit into my vision of a life I want to make for myself? …

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In 1970, social psychologist Henri Tajfel conducted an experiment involving 48 school aged boys from Bristol. The boys were shown six pairs of unlabelled and unsigned paintings they were told were by abstract painters Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. Each boy was asked which of the two paintings (from each pair) did he prefer.

The boys were then randomly divided into two groups titled “Klee group” or “Kandinsky group” — these groups were not based on their preferences.

They were then taken to a cubicle one by one and asked to allocate virtual money to two random boys. …

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It’s a lovely time to be anxious. We’re all holed up inside our homes and the existential crisis that is usually so easy to avoid now seems to be staring us in the face. After losing my job about a month ago — I teach English in Spain — I spent most of the initial days in quarantine watching Netflix, scrolling through Instagram and reading the news. I wish I could say I meditated, practiced yoga, read books, cooked interesting foods and gave singing a shot. It’s true — I did all those things. But if I am being completely…

Shrita Pathak

Call me Shay. 22. Hell-bent on getting the best bang for my buck with this whole life thing. Vegan | Writer | Globe Trotter

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